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roasted turkey sandwich with pesto aioli.


Tonight I:

1.  Skipped a pre-workout meal and opted instead for 5 chocolate-covered espresso beans.  Because, you know, I needed a little extra energy.  I’m smart like that.

2.  Successfully convinced Luke that hoarding 20 children’s books under his pillow before bed might cause a severe neckache during the night.  He reluctantly agreed and gave me back 2.

3.  Ate this thrown-together dinner after sweating my you-know-what off, half standing in the kitchen and half sitting at the dinner table.  Because that’s just how Tuesday evenings go sometimes.

It occurred to me that I’ve never posted a sandwich recipe on the blog.  I think in part it’s because every other day I re-dedicate my life to being gluten-free :) and also because sometimes I think, well, sandwiches are just kind of boring.  Can I say that?

But then I realized that sandwiches are a brilliant go-to dinner, a close second behind breakfast for dinner which my kids will eat every night of the week if I’d let them.  So on maddening busy nights like tonight (and we aren’t even into sports yet…Lord help us), a fancier version of the plain turkey and cheese is a great choice!  You can wrap it up and bring it to your evening activities too!

Here’s a look inside.

You can go with a rustic, ciabatta-style roll or get a large loaf and pretend you’re a Subway sandwich artist, making a giant sandwich for a crowd (and then slice into a number of smaller sandwiches).  I do this a lot for kids parties, etc.

roasted turkey sandwich with pesto aioli.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

This is a stepped-up version of your go-to turkey and cheese sandwich. For me the key is to use a great, crusty bread and really good cheese. Wrap in parchment or wax paper and take to the soccer fields for an easy, transportable dinner!


  • ciabatta roll or loaf, sliced in half
  • pesto (use pre-made or toss basil, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil in a food processor or blender and pulse until smooth)
  • mayo
  • roasted turkey
  • your favorite sliced cheese - fresh mozzarella, provolone, swiss
  • lettuce
  • sliced tomato


  1. Slice ciabatta roll in half. Or, if serving a large crowd slide loaf of ciabatta in half.
  2. Mix together pesto with mayo to make aioli. I use half and half but you can go with whatever ratio you prefer.
  3. Spread aioli on top and bottom of bread.
  4. Add lettuce, tomato, turkey and cheese to the bottom side of the bread. Place the top of the bread over the sandwich fillings and serve.
  5. If making this sandwich for a crowd (you might feel like you work at Subway by now), slice the loaf into smaller sandwiches and enjoy!
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TOTAL:  Depending on how you make this sandwich, I’d estimate the total cost to be between $4-8, or about $1 per person.  A deal!

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